US - Which language shall I write in on
English is probably the most wildly understood, so making the effort to write it in the language of Shakespeare will give more readers the possibility to read your message. However if you write a message for 'My Neighborhood' and you are Danish then you better write in Danish.

FR - Quelle langue utiliserais-je sur
Faites l'effort d'écrire en Anglais si vous voulez qu'un nombre maximum de lecteurs puisse lire votre message. Toutefois si vous écrivez dans la rubrique 'My Neighborhood' (mon quartier) et que vous vivez à Marseille, faites le en français!

NL - Welke taal zou ik op gebruiken?
Als je wil dat uw boodschap door zoveel mogelijk mensen gelezen wordt raden wij u aan om het in het Engels te schrijven. Maar als u in 'My Neighborhood' schrijf en in Utrecht woont gaan lezers het sneller oppakken als het in het Nederlands is.

SP - En qué idioma escribir en
Si usted quiere que su mensaje lo lea la mayor gente posible, es mejor escribir en ingles. Pero si escribe un mensaje para 'My Neighborhood' y Usted vive en Sevilla, es mejor escribir en Espanol!

Why should I Sign-up?
Signing up helps us manage the information you post on All information you leave us is treated with the most Privacy-care and we are proud to protect your Private sphere at the greates extend.

Why should I use my e-mail address as username?
Hopfully you’ll never forget this one : - ) The e-mail addresses are more unique than plain usernames.

Why should I use a Nickname?
If you want to stay anonymous. Using a nickname and keeping your Profile Private helps you keep your Identity consealed.

Why should I use a Private Profile?
If you want to stay anonymous. Your Name or Nickname will not be clickable on the public pages. Using a nickname and keeping your Profile Private helps you keep your Identity consealed.

I lost my password. How can I retrieve it?
Under the login form you can use the Emergency Field to fill in your current user e-mail. Your password will be send to this e-mail account.

Why do we have to use the Security Check on each post? stands for relevant and accurate information. To prevent miss-use and other annoying interferrers. This way we can filter the good from the bad.

Can I edit my Profile?
In the top right hand corner of the interface you’ll find the “My iBelieve” link. You have to log in before you can edit your profile.

Can I edit my Stories (iPost, iVote or my iPetition)?
Yes. You can access your Personal Stories by clicking on the “My iBelieve” link. There you’ll find the mnagament console to edit all your stories.