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"You have bought a new car, traveled with this or that airline company, stayed in that hotel chain and something went terribly wrong, which management failed to act on and you are so frustrated you want the whole world to know ... Post your story here using iPost and you will feel much relieved."

battery from my Mac mouse down; why doesn't Job's give me one on kinetic energy... if my automatic watch can keep on going??? & ... Read more

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Date: 2011/03/25 - 21:50Views: 5748From: laurent - Belgium

I love the work from Eckhart Tolle around the power of now. What he says has been told by the Greeks 3000 years ago and it is a great remind ... Read more

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Date: 2009/03/04 - 10:55Views: 8493From: laurent - Belgium

Finally some jellies for adults, nice packaging, great design and sophisticated tastes.    They are from Belgium with 100% natural flav ... Read more

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Date: 2008/11/28 - 15:50Views: 7128From: laurent - Belgium