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"Faith is a very personal subject; if you have comments or ideas please make sure you respect the others and's terms of use. Positive comments and ideas for world peace and respect is what should be used for."

'Wees zelf het Licht voor u zelve.Wees uw eigen grond en toevlucht Houd u aan de Waarheid binnen u zelve als aan het enige Licht' -B ... Read more

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Date: 2008/06/27Views: 7190From: Vanessa Barbier - Belgium

Christianisme:    The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie  can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh &nbs ... Read more

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Date: 2007/12/29 - 09:54Views: 7319From: Nestor Tipen - Belgium

As an atheist I'm conviced that Creationism and the according "Intelligent Design theory"  is a criminal "creation" of an ... Read more

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Date: 2007/10/16 - 12:51Views: 7590From: Marie Strätterts - French Southern Ter