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Taxes and financing religion! {Pol.} iPetition

Religion is a private matter!
Isn't it time that we ask the government to stop financing all religions from our taxes (approx 0.5%)? We should install the German system of 'kirchensteuer' where every individual who pays taxes, has the right to choose to whom/what his taxes will be spent.

I would even go further and install a system where we should have the right to choose between religions but also between all kind of organisations such as greenpeace, WWF, amnesty, etc...

Allthough i think that we still pay to much taxes (Belgium remains in the Top 5 in Europe) it would be a serious improvement if we could at least choose a bit more where our money is spent...

Could you undersign the question to the Belgian Federal Government to change the taxlaws concerning the financement of religion and install a system whereby the individual tax payer has the right to choose to whom/what his money is spent.

Date: 2007/03/16Views: 5591From: sтзрнзи - Belgium