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STOP weekend accidents now! {People} iPetition

We are most probably lowering weekend accidents of young drivers under influence step-by-step thanks to information campaigns and more repression.
What I don’t understand is our patience to solve this dramatic problem.
I think we have to just stop it NOW by true actions and I believe I have a simple idea…  I would oblige car manufacturers to install in every car sold to a driver of 18 to 25 years a breath analyzer that does not allow you to start the car if you are under influence. Breath analyzers give an electronic signal, pass or fail; if you connect this signal to your ignition you can start the engine or not start it.
The technology exists, now we just need a regulation to impose it.
It is too easy to call young drivers killers and say they should act as responsible people. I’m sure all did not want to, but that is just the problem of influence, you are not yourself any more. Your judgment capabilities are inexistent.
Placing breath analyzers in every car will bother many, but it will be the everyday strongest signal to the youth not to drink and drive. ??If you find my petition too hard, at least let us obtain that car manufacturers should be obliged to offer this as an option parents can choose to buy to protect their children. But be aware if as a parent you choose not to have it installed that you can still sleep well at night...
I have driven under influence waking up the next morning and started thinking how I got home. Then running with a beating heart to the parking and see if the car was standing there undamaged and swearing next weekend I’ll stop drinking sooner. The problem is I had to swore this for many more years even though I buried 2 friends ....
How many decades are we still going to accept this fact?
For my children now I hope through iBelieve.be we can finally make a difference thanks to your support, advise or even better ideas.

Date: 2007/03/21Views: 5994From: laurent - Belgium

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