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A way to promote natural foods. {Health} iPetition

I’m sorry dear governments but it is your fault obesitas exists. 
It is your laws that allow industrial food suppliers to make health claims because they industrially poor in vitamins, minerals, etc. 

Natural foods contain them naturally but their quantity varies by nature which does not allow its suppliers to make any claim. 
This is absurd! 

Have you looked at a pack of Kellogs for example? 
It looks healthy, while all of us still know it is not, just because they bring your attention to what chemical vitamins, minerals they have added in an industrial way. 
Have you looked at a fresh salad or strawberry pack? 
There is not health benefit mention at all, no vitamins declaration, no minerals declaration… nothing.
So it is your health ministers and their laws that educate our societies the wrong way, creating an ever growing obesitas, diabetes and cancer problem. 

With ‘5 a day’ governments think they have found the solution but who wants 5 a day of something that on its pack can make no health claim? 
Because our mothers told us? 
Our children prefer to believe the industrial food claims. 
It is easier and their advertising budget exponentially bigger.
IPetition to change your laws before it is too late.

Date: 2008/06/25Views: 6378From: laurent - Belgium