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wake up yachtsmen! {Env.}

Letter to the Editor of Boat International

Dear Amanda,

I was so happy to read your comments on the Navetta 26!

I'm a boating fan (and owner) and used to stop working to go through your magazine as soon as it arrived; but lately I'm not enjoying it so much any more.

This run for the biggest you seemed to support without any consideration was starting to turn me off Boat International.

If we want this freedom to last we must act now and behave and I believe you have a crucial role to play here!

Yachtsmen used to have 400 tonnes yachts for the simple pleasures of one guy, today yachtsmen need 1.000 tonnes and running up. These yachts are sent around the world burning fuel by tonnes for the owner possibly wanting to discover some new destinations...

I can not imagine this will last and all of us boating fans will be affected if we do not start to control ourselves.

I get frustrated on a sailing boat but for my next purchase I start to consider it because this maybe the one I will stop feeling guilty about and may be able to use over a long time when regulations will start grounding these environmental disasters.

Please keep writing like that.  Please add Co2 emissions and fuel burnt per nautical mile for each boat spec; car magazines do it why should you not?

Thank you in the name of all of us.

Laurent from Antwerp, Belgium

P.S. an inconvenient truth should be an board of every yacht for us and our children

Date: 2007/09/27Views: 9710From: laurent - Belgium