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Bundanoon: First Bottled Water Ban  {Env.}

Bundanoon, Australia, has become the first town in the world to ban bottled water.

John Dee, the director of Do Something, an environmental group that helped bring about a plastic bag ban in Tasmania, confirmed that while other cities have taxed sales of bottled water, Bundanoon is the first to implement a town-wide, outright ban.

Retailers in the rural, New South Wales town have supported the ban, despite the prospect of losing profits formerly earned from bottled water sales. All businesses in the town will no longer sell bottled water, and visitors will be given bottles labelled "Bundy on tap", which they may fill for free from filtered water fountains in the street.

According to cafe owner Huw Kingston, the residents of Bundanoon wanted to shrink their collective carbon footprint, by clamping down on the processes associated with producing and selling bottled water.

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Date: 2010/05/11Views: 7606From: Joachim - Belgium