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speeds limits on highways kill {Oth.}

Here I am again, after trying to convince you that speed limits would greatly reduce traffic I have another reason for asking more liberalisation.

Like every year I went to the Alps which is a 1.000 km drive. 
Changing speeds from 120 to 160 and back depending on the road conditions kept me awake because it made the drive engaging.  
Obliging me to stick to 120 with the speed control would have put me asleep in less than 2 hours and probably killed me.

Are govenments measuring this cause of accidents????
Of course not, it is easier to just put everything on speeding and treat their defenceless population as criminals. 

P.S. I'm only suggesting this for highways, in villages the ride is entertaining enough at 50, all fine there!

Date: 2007/03/31Views: 7892From: laurent - Belgium