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We all agree that sharing is good (for your purse and for the environment).
We all have bought items that we rarely use (gardening tools, DIY tools, books, ...).

It would make sense to share these items with our friends and neighbours. Easier said than done, right? How do I know who has the item I am looking for? How do I know whether they would be willing to share it? We sometimes don't bother asking all our neighbours and end up buying items that surely we could have borrowed from someone else.

Well! is the solution to facilitate sharing with your friends and neighbours. It's free, it's safe (you only share items with friends/neighbours you know), will help you save money, will reduce your carbon footprint, will strengthen the relationships you have with your neighbours/community, and will give you access to a lot more items without clogging up your house/garage.

Be an ecoSharer, start sharing today -

Date: 2010/05/17 - 00:03Views: 9975From: Eco Sharer - United Kingdom