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I believe in you.

I believe more people should hear more people tell them more often: 'I believe in you'. We should say 'I believe in you' to ourselves more often too. 'I believe in me.'

I have sailed around the world. Not many people thought I could do it. Some even told me so. But I did. Because I believed I could. And my wife said she believed it too. So we went. And you know what? Once we believed we could do it, the rest was easy.

Now many people tell me 'I could never achieve such a thing.'

I assure them it's not that hard. To climb the highest mountain, all you need to do is take one small step at a time. In the end, you'll reach the top. Sailing around the world is just the same. Head in the same direction all the time, keep going mile by mile, and after some years you'll get to the place you've started from. The only problem is: you need to believe you can. The rest is easy.

The most difficult part of sailing around the world is making the decision to do so. It's like jumping off the highest board. Once you're gone, the rest is execution. Once you've taken the decision to pack up and leave, you're on your way. Easy.

But it all starts with 'I believe'. I believe in me. I believe in you.

People need to hear those words more often.

Kids coming home with their report card shouldn't have to listen to their parents only whining about their bad grades. They need encouragement for the good grades they got. It's the things they are good at that will help them make a difference in this world. And they need to believe that too.

What if Mozarts father had said he should study harder for mathematics and history instead of playing that damn piano all the time, something he was good at anyway? What if Einstein would have had to focus all his attention on french and geography,  because he wasn't good at those? He changed the world because later in his life his wife said 'I believe in you', so he could focus on some papers he was working at while working as a clerck.

If each individual gets the support she needs and deserves, this world could become a better place.

Somewhere, someone may have the solution to something tremendously big right now. Let's tell her we believe in her. Because if nobody does, she will not believe in herself too.

Therefore: 'Hey! You out there! Yes, you! I believe in you!'



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I believe in you
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