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Never run the risk any longer to say “I like you” and ‘get a cold shower’.

How many times have we not met the girl or man of our life and did not dare to say “I like you” 
Maybe they liked us too! 
But nothing happened, because we were afraid to ‘get a cold shower’ or to be seen as ridiculous…

Well now this is the past thanks to One Second that launched the site to help people share anonymously their emotions.

It is very simple, you go to enter your name and e-mail and then afterwards the name and e-mail of the person(s) you fancy.  
This(ese) person(s) will receive automatically an e-mail saying someone likes them and asking them to do the same. 
If by chance they enter your name and e-mail too the site breaks the anonymity and reveals the identity to both saying there is a ‘MATCH’. A new love life that otherwise may have never existed can begin….

Exciting! Easy! And a very nice idea.
Clearly a good example how to improve the world we live in. 

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Date: 2008/06/20 - 17:25Views: 7760From:laurent - Belgium