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I love the work from Eckhart Tolle around the power of now.
What he says has been told by the Greeks 3000 years ago and it is a great reminder that the only moment we live is now. 
We all let rule our lives by our thinking but we are much more than that.  Eckhart helps you to see this so that you learn to turn off our mad running minds, that constantly tries to remind us from the past and tries to see the future, to connect to the moment.  This allows us to capture much more of what is around us and when we want to use our intelligence we do it consciously which will give better results because our brains are not overheated by then and we see more.
I believe this book and its exercises can make a big difference to all of us.

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Date: 2009/03/04 - 10:55Views: 8494From:laurent - Belgium

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