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UK  It certainly is happening and would be caused by the CO2 in the atmosphere.
The question is to know if it is due to the human being, because we can not rely on scientific experiences but comes from a speculatif reasoning.
Scientifics are devided on the responsibility or non-responsibility of the human being. Some of them pretend it is an ideologic drift. Is it true that the dioxide produced by nature is significantly worse for the planet than the one produced by human activity? All those alarmist newses of which we are bombarded are they really objective? Are they not the game of the media and politics? Weather is mild compared to previous years, is it due to our energy consumption? Why in the XV century François Villon was writing in his poemes 'where are the snows of the past?' what was then the cause?

A non-scientific who would like to know

FR Il est indéniable et serait causé par le CO2 dans l'atmosphère.
Toute la question est de savoir si c'est le fait de l'homme, car l'on ne peut s'appuyer sur des expériences scientifiques mais relêve uniquement d'un raisonnement spéculatif. Les scientifiques sont divisés sur la responsabilité ou la non-responsabilité des humains. Certains d'entre eux prétendent qu'il s'agit d'une dérive idéologique. Est-il vrai que le dioxide (vapeurs d'au) produit par la nature est infiniment plus néfaste concernant le réchauffement que l'activité humaine? Toutes ces annonces alarmistes dont nous sommes bombardés sont-elles réellement objectives, ne sont elles pas le jeu des médias, de mouvements politiques?
Le temps est doux par rapport aux années précédentes, nous n'avons plus de neige. Est-ce imputable à notre consommation d'énergie?
Pourquoi au XV sciècle nous savons à travers le poête François Villon 'où sont les neiges d'antan?' quelle aurait été la cause?

Un non-scientifique qui aimerait savoir

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Date: 2007/03/18 - 12:57Views: 7546From:Guido - Belgium

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1° You agree that CO2 is het main cause of climate change, correct?
Well, scientists simply investigated which things (or persons) produces greenhouse gas
The answer is transport, agriculture, industry, ... If you compare the amount that each sector produces, you can put everthing in a graph.

See more on:

The word "other" includes then the natural (non - human) emissions by vulcanoes, breathing from animals, ... . You see that this is only a small part (unfortunately).

2° Scientists are NOT divided, less then 2% pretend the opposite. This is typical in science. You will have always someone who pretends the opposite.
And suppose we are all wrong. Let somebody please come with good and hard evidence that human activity is not the main cause.   So far however, I have heard nothing in that direction. (in the contrairy even)

3° Climate is average of weather over a periode of minium 30 to 50 years. As you well know the word average means that some numbers (read years) may be quite different from average.
The temperature raising we are now facing is unseen in the last 650 000 year. And it alsoo the fastest in that period of time.

A believer who want people to have and to look for the correct information.

Date: 2008/08/20 - 16:56 From: eco-Tom - Belgium

climate change has become a political issue
was our climate that stable in the past please follow this link to learn about the past and make the conclusion

For more scientific background follow

Date: 2007/03/23 - 00:13 From: cf - Belgium