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It is believed that in some decades we will run out of water, fertible soil and petrol.  Which one will be first is not clear yet.
This Japanese company has found a way to save a lot of water by filling the toilet reservoir by an open top tap.  This allows you to wash your hands after you used the toilet with the water that is anyway going into the reservoir to flush.  Please check-out the pictures attached.
I believe all responsible toilet manufacturers should implement this idea as soon as possible.

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Date: 2007/03/29 - 05:33Views: 15656From:laurent - Belgium

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I LOVE Japanese toilet

Realy great idea!I'm going to send this post to several friends and ask them to
restyle this format into a stylish european environment-friendly solution. :-)

Date: 2007/03/29 - 21:42 From: Joachim - Belgium


One small wash for a man, a big flush for mankind.

Date: 2007/03/29 - 20:58 From: Samoth - Belgium