Raw vegetables in winter too! {Health}Rate:4444

We use to eat salads in summer when we think of getting back into our swiming suits.
But with winter comes the flu and other nasty deseases and it is most important to get our vitamines then. 
However due to temperatures we start substituting raw vegetables with cooked vegetables.  It is still vegetables that's not bad but we need to increase the quantity then since cooked vegatables loose 25 to 50% of the vitamines during the process.
By the way, do not use pre-cut vegetables in plastic bag since they are packed under controlled atmosphere (read gassed) and have little vitamines left.
I turn to www.starmeal.com their salades are the freshest you can find.  Their cutting equipment and cleaning makes sure their salades don't oxidize so vitamines are not lost.

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Date: 2007/09/27 - 09:24Views: 7742From:laurent - Belgium