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With special thanks to Laurent for this title I would like to draw everybody's attention to the existence of bamboo clothes. Yes: clothes made out of natural bamboo fibers. Why ?  Because they are soft as silk to the skin, keep you cooler than cotton and neutralize human bacteria, so less sweat and less body odour ? Yes.


Wearing bamboo clothes helps fighting the global warming up of our planet (cotton does not, on the contrary !) because bamboo grass takes in nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

The strong bamboo roots fight erosion, sustain river banks, preserve water in the soil so preventing it form drying out Bamboo helps diminish water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption. The bamboo grass renews itself by sending up new shoots after harvesting.  Bamboo is a grass, the fastest growing plant in the world (up to 1 meter per day !) and can be harvested after 4 till 5 years. Traditional hardwoods not only take 25-70 yers to mature, but also require replanting.

Growing bamboo does not require chemical pesticides or fertilizers, which is heavily the case with traditional cotton.

For some more information on bamboo textile and bambooclothes /bath linen in particularl, please go to www.mobboa.com, a Belgian based but Europe oriented company.

Bamboo is good for you !

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Date: 2007/10/02 - 23:43Views: 10353From:bambooking - Belgium

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My kid loves his bamboo-everything!

Date: 2010/02/01 - 09:44 From: Yannic Kermarrec - Belgium

addendum to previous comment

Sorry, seems I stopped in the middle of a sentence in my previous comment.

Please read  : "anything is better than the water and herbicides/pesticides consuming cotton production, which is becoming a disaster for our earth (the proportions of which) still seem to be underestimated.

Date: 2009/09/04 - 10:25 From: bambooking - Belgium

Since I started selling bamboo clothes, I learned a lot and there will still be a lot to be learned about bamboo. On today I can state that :

- bamboo still represents an excellent substitute for traditional cotton;
- bamboo viscose, even if now it is a chemical process involving toxic agents, can be produced in a environmental friendly way (cf. Lyocell, Tencel,...);
- natural bamboo fiber is an interesting fiber, but industry is not interested because too expensive;
- bamboo can perfectly be grown in Europe, this is a project worth examination and tests are already been done in e.g. Italy... so transport pollution from the East in this way can be substantially reduced;
- CO2 is transformed into plant tissue that on its turn delivers oxygen, so the CO2 is being transformed, not stored; in essence we still need to take action on a global industrial scale to get down CO2 production, but mean time bamboo does a good job;

As far as I am concerned, a big YES to the promotion of bamboo in textiles, because anything is better than the water and pesticides

We do not live in a perfect world, because it is a world made by a lot of human ego. Many of our natural ressources have already been destroyed or are in the process of being exhausted. I also drive a car from time to time and do not have sunpanels on my roof yet, but the awareness and the commitment is there and we al do our best with the means we have to create a better world. So let's support each other in our efforts.

Date: 2009/09/04 - 09:50 From: bambooking - Belgium

1: Does the costs for the environment include those of transportation? Bamboo doesn't live every where. Only in rainy places, if I'm correct.

2: When a tree, a plant, ... that takes in greenhouse gases dies, all the gases that were stocked during his life comes out again. In my opinion that is the same fore fabricing the grass for clothes.

3: It is true tradional hardwoods take much longer to be mature. But they do (without human interfering) renew theirself. That's biology of nature. (seeds)

Date: 2008/08/20 - 17:25 From: eco-Tom - Belgium

I like!!!!!


I have bamboo handkerchiefs and my nose is always happy now!

Date: 2008/06/02 - 11:26 From: Yannic Kermarrec - Belgium