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I believe part of the "problem" in all cities around the world is that people dont look at each other anymore. It's so easy to walk down the street and pretend you didn't see a face. Avoiding eye contact is the primal defence, if your an animal! When was the last time YOU recalled (ones you arrived at your destination) the face, any face of someone you crossed in the street?

Let us all keep our head up, look forward and look in each others eyes and smile! The person you will be looking at won't pull a gun and pop you in the head (well, he shouldn't)!

Sounds a bit soft?
That's the point. Let us come closer and see each other again.

Good luck!

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Date: 2007/03/17 - 11:05Views: 8139From:Marie Strätterts - French Southern Ter

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Eye contact

In many places in the world people still say hello when they see you on the street, in buses, in an elevator, in a train. Indeed, maybe we can start with showing people we've noticed they exist by not avoinding eye contact. Good one!

Date: 2007/03/21 - 14:55 From: Samoth - Belgium