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ve us.
Energy saving light bulbs
They could be worse for our environment than good.
Energy saving light bulbs are made with mercury that is a highly toxic substance for our soils. 
(Not even Walmart seems to be prepared to collect and recycle them.) 
What are we, consumers, doing with them once they broke down? 
Should there at least not be a warning sign on its packaging?
Hybrid cars
This dual system of battery powered and combustion engine ads so much weight to the car that its consumption in fact is not less. 
In addition I’m asking ourselves if we are questioning the high cost on the environment to recycle those batteries after these cars get off the road?
Wind energy
This may be the biggest disaster to our global climate we are hiding to ourselves! 
What do you do when you want to dry something? 
You turn on a ventilator. 
Well that is exactly what these big wind farms are doing, the speed of their blades are drying the atmosphere which in turn makes micro climatic changes that combined may chance our global weather even more than by burning fossil fuels.

Look at the Grand Canyon, since California installed these huge wind farms there is no rain anymore to fill the river below that is now drying out at an alarming speed.
Solar power
We are now starting to hear that these voltaic panels’ life cycles would be no longer than 5 years! 
However recycling them again is very difficult, cost money and the process is very harmful to our environment.
Are we really moving forward in our fight to a cleaner world or are we just seeing some well played ‘games’ from politics and industries? 

Please share your opinion!

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Date: 2007/05/03 - 10:28Views: 11970From:laurent - Belgium

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Energy saving light bulbs
As far as I know you are correct about the chemicals.
But if the people who has to collect them do some efforts to safely do something with bulbs, it would be no problem.
Especially I don't forget that Energy saving light bulbs live 8 times longer. So that means less (!) waste.

Hybrid cars
Where do found this info? I think you better interview someone first who has such a car and ask him if there is a difference.

Wind energy
Where do found this info? This is funny but not founded on scientific evidence I am afraid.

Solar power
The new generation of solar cells have a live of a least 20 to 25 years. Alsoo month after month new types come on the market that produces more electricity then ever.

conclusion: I think you better verify your sources first.

Date: 2008/08/20 - 17:37 From: eco-Tom - Belgium